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Trade Coaters

Meeting the Challenge: Technology with cost reduction

Our focus on customer value through specified technology and cost-reduction techniques yields the lowest total cost solution. We understand that you need flexibility when you powder coat, so you can be benefit from a range of different chemistries, thousands of colors and effects, the capability to custom match a color quickly and in quantities that suit you and technical support when you need it.


The Right Technology for Every Project

No matter what size your coating line or powder coating needs are, we are ready to support you, as all our powders are designed to give excellent transfer efficiency, so you can keep things moving. Our dedicated customer service team is waiting to help you with questions, queries and orders. We'll keep things as simple and as efficient as possible so that you can get back to what you need to do.

  • Phone:
    + 40 724 275 636

  • Address:
    Str. Zizin, nr. 10A, sector 3, Bucuresti

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