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Infinite possibilities

Inver offers the color, confidence and collaboration to bring every project successfully to life. With a coating solution to fit every need, we can help you transform any idea into beautiful and durable reality.

Collection 10

The Color Collection 10 is a remarkable selection of fascinating super durable colors that have been selected to represents the contemporary architectural understanding for nature and humanity. This range is designed to offer not only aesthetic integrity and innovation, but also excellent performance with metallic bonded effects.


Collection 12

Color Collection 12 represents the timeless and elegant colors that stand out in the architectural segment. Their excellent color consistency and exceptional exterior durability offer unlimited design freedom

Collection 15

Color Collection 15 includes superior performance architectural coatings colors carefully selected by Inver's color experts to create a lasting impression.



Anodite is a new generation of architectural polyester powder coatings with a smooth, low-gloss, metallic appearance designed to simulate the colors of anodizing — but with the added advantages of hiding surface imperfections and defects in the metal.


Fine Texture

This range with fine textured finishes fulfills all architectural requirements and provides premium levels of aesthetics and functional performance, it hides imperfections and improves the scratch resistance of the finish.


The Indoor Collection is a selection of colors reflecting the demands of interior design. Luminous metallic with a shimmering richness, add luxury to elements throughout your home and together with a play of light they make a visual sensation out of your interior.


Formulated to meet the decorative and performance demands of modern architectural and design. Available in a stunning variety of colors, shades, effects and textures, Inver powder coatings create design freedom without compromising strong functional properties.

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