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Household Appliances

Superior Color, Performance, and Innovation for Appliances

For home and industrial appliances, Inver coatings provide durable protection from everyday chemicals and wear and tear. Available in thousands of stunning color and finish combinations, Valspar coatings meet both consumer and manufacturer expectations for performance and functionality. For consumers, Valspar coatings offer a beautiful and durable finish that will endure everyday wear and tear. For manufactures, our powder and liquid coatings can be formulated to meet the specific application needs.


Meeting the Challenge: Fashion forward

As consumer preferences constantly shift, staying ahead of market trends is crucial for manufacturers. At Inver, color is our business. We analyze consumer and design trends to understand future color needs. With our broad range of coatings, we offer countless combinations of finishes and colors, from the traditional high-gloss smooth finish of a white washing machine to a no-fingerprint refrigerator finish. With Inver, your color options are endless.

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